CLRAA Meet 2018 in BULACAN

CITY OF MALOLOS- "Malaki ang papel na ginagampanan ng pamahalaan sa paghubog ng mga atleta na tiyak na ipagmamalaki natin sa hinaharap. Tungkulin natin na tugaygayan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan nang sa gayon ay lalo nilang pagsumikapan na pagbutihin ang kanilang mga ginagawa,” Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado expressed.

The CLRAA Meet 2018 with the theme “Broadening Youth’s Horizon through Sports Competition" through the joint efforts of the Provincial Government of Bulacan through its Provincial Youth, Sports, Public Employment Services Office and the Department of Education Schools Division Office in Bulacan on February 25, 2018, 4:00 P.M at the Bulacan Sports Complex in Brgy. Sta. Isabel in this city.
Student-athletes from Region III will be gather in sports competition in the upcoming Central Luzon Regional Athletic Association (CLRAA) Meet on February 26 to March 2, 2018 in the Province of Bulacan.

Subsequently, PGB together with Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara and Senator Manny Pacquiao will welcome thousands of delegates from the City of Angeles, City of Mabalacat, City of Malolos, City of San Fernando, City of Tarlac, Province of Tarlac, Province of Zambales, City of Meycauayan, City of San Jose del Monte, Province of Bulacan, Province of Aurora, City of Balanga, Province of Bataan, City of Cabanatuan, City of Gapan, Science City of Muñoz, Province of Nueva Ecija, City of Olongapo, Province of Pampanga and City of San Jose during the parade and opening program

Winners in various sport events including Athletics (EB-EG/SB-SG), Baseball (EB/SB), Basketball (SG/SB), Basketball (EB), Boxing (SB), Dance Sports, Sipa/Sepak Takraw, Softball (EG/SG), Swimming (EB-EG/SB-SG), Tennis (EB-EG/SB-SG), Volleyball (EB-EG/SB-SG), Badminton (EB-EG/SB-SG), BOCCE, Goal Ball, Wushu/Wrestling, Arnis (EB-EG/SB-SG), Archery (SB/SG), Chess, Football (EB/SB), Futsal, Gymnastics/Aero Gymnastics, Table Tennis (EB-EG/SB-SG), Billiards and Taekwondo (EB-EG/SB-SG) will advance to the Palarong Pambansa to be held at the Province of Ilocos Sur. ( MJ Olvina- Balaguer, 09053611058,


Modoo Marble, Virtual Monopoly.. a board game in the Tube.. coming this December  MODOO Marble will be the first MMO casual board game to be published online here in the Philippine.

It is a sort of re- introducing the board game “monopoly” through a new approach. Modoo, Korean word for “everybody plays” it aims to make everybody play the game and travel the world. It will eventually be an educational game for children, familiarizing them to various international landmarks around the globe and with a map of the universe they can also be familiar with astronomy and space.

By way of linking an FB (  ) account the player or players has the ability to invite and get invited whereby fully understanding the games intricate features like the space map, world map and coming soon through its localization feature is the Philippine landscape. The net marble group from Korea developed the game.

In a board game genre it’s simple and easy to play and almost anyone who has the knowledge of plaing monopoly can easily grasp the mechanics. According to Game Club in an exclusive interview with the Close Beta Testing - (CBT) will occur November 26, 2014 in the Philippine, it means everyone can join until the end of December 3, 2014.

Open Beta Testing (OBT) will start on December 10 until December 17 and also will be the day for the Commercial Launch of Modoo Marble. New contents and updates will be now available to the public December 21, 2014- the Modoo marble player will experience the formal product testing that will be starting at 10:00am at SM Masinag in Antipolo City.






Game Club Philippines will the sole in-charge for the said product launch here in the Philippines. Modoo is easy to access and or register even through anyone’s face book account. Game Club Philippines says in the interview that there are two types of player, the free for all, single or team play or 2player in a team with also four players per room.

Three ways to win the games, first through line victory, second is the tourism victory and triple victory. Every item is affordable and reasonably priced. The items that can be purchase by players in the game are marbles, character cards (normal, rare, unique, legendary and platinum with different stats) dice and fortune card.///Mary Jane Olvina-Balaguer 


CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 Philippine National Finals Held in Quezon City;

SCORES of RPG fans and gamers flock to SM North EDSA CYBERZONE to participate in the highly anticipated CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 Philippine National Finals brought by the people from Game Club Philippines in cooperation with Monster Energy Drink.

The event is the culmination of a series of competitions involving e-Sport online role playing games are now widely accepted and considered as regular sporting competitions here in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.

The country’s pride went down to eight teams who will vie for the CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 World Grand Finals that will be held in Seoul South Korea. The 8 teams in the CROSSFIRE STARS season 2 champios pacific, wara and the 7 regional champions were: Loko from Davao, iFivexAcclaim from Iloilo, ACGaming from Cavite, INXAI from Cebu, Macta Infirma from Baguio, Expendables from Quezon City and MSlevoGT from Pasig. Each will fight for the title Crossfire Stars 2014 National Finals Champions will earn them 5,000 US$ prize for the Champion and 3,000 US$ and 2,000 US$ for the second and third place respectively.

The team who will become the champions will fly to Korea come December 5 2014 were they will represent the country and has a chance to win 50,000 US$. An interview with the Crossfire game master snake eyes Rene Parada, also the Product Manager of Crossfire with the publisher of states the details on how the eight finalists were determined and how the selection stared.

Photos from the games and videos associated with the competitions such as updates and status of competing teams where shot while the competition is in progress.///Mary Jane O. Balaguer. crossfire two







Four RPG’s features in the recently concluded CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 Philippine National Finals from Game Club First of the four features games were Crossfire, considered as the world’s leading online FPS game.

Started in the Philippines back in October of 2009 and published by Gameclub, it is one of the most played online FPS games around the world and with 5 million users and 400 million registered players now the game is available in 80 countries including China, Vietnam, north and south America and Europe.

Further it also holds the title of most popular online game in several regions and was featured in Forbes magazine lately as one of the Top Earning Free to Play Game last year 2013. When covered by the media, they found out that it is also one of the most popular among the attendees aside from the players. personally interviews several individuals both male and female falling in line to participate in the event says that among the four games, they prefer Crossfire. Although there are some who ask for more than the four, male onlookers and gamers alike are mesmerized at the beauty of cosplay characters at the photo booth. mesmerized at the beauty of cosplay characters at the

photo booth. crossfire one with logo   Another game among the four is Weapons of War, a vast multi player online RPG (role playing game) composed of five character classes with inimitable skills and abilities. Set in an ancient fantasy oriental world where players ride flying swords and utilizes martial arts and magic. Players may group themselves together up to 100 individuals to take on large monsters in dungeons. It promotes friendship in castle siege and guild wars also they enjoy leisure activities like cooking and fishing. The game Weapons of War was officially launched in November 2009 and the target players are at the ages of 13 to 35 years old. WOW is atypically a hack and slash, point and click game also known as Talisman Online. Originated in China, other countries like, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea also embraced the game along with other countries around the world. It is not a typical RPG because it can teach players about martial arts, ancient period although mythical and fictitious in nature but the artistic integration to the game makes it more exciting and fun to play. interviewed some of the mall goers at the cyberzone and most of them enjoy the event although they are not directly involved in it especially the band antipara when it performed.   gameclub with logo Third game featured is the MoDoo Marble.  Considerably tagged as the world’s most popular MMO board game, players are enticed to join in a world of classical real estate game where they get to travel the world with friends and expand their riches and money by investing in cities. The player will aspire to be the richest person in Modoo Marble world, the tools are special maps and items waiting for the player in Modoo Marble much as they would be tasked to create a character that best described their personality through character cards. Enhancing these characters will get them a chance of winning or become stronger through special design dice,  features to beautify the appearance of the avatar with accessories will also get the a chance to win prizes from events through landmark construction. heard the game masters and understands that the game is a sort of enhanced version of the all-time classic favorite board game monopoly only with a twist. Teenagers and young adults that came to participate in the event very much appreciate the game as it is very familiar to what most of them enjoyed playing.   love beats online with logo Last is the love beat dance simulation game developed by Crazy Diamond, a client based online game that features the latest k-pop songs and dance movies. The person who will play just need to follow instructions through corresponding keys that would make the avatar character dance skillfully on the love beat dance floor. There are shops composed of various items (cute, formal and sexy costumes, body types, accessories, functions and expressions), also in the shops are Fam System, Couple System, attendance Event and Reward System in every level reached furthermore the players can chose from from various game modes and backgrounds it is played in different countries also like Korea, America, Thailand and Vietnam but it will be commercially launched here in the Philippines this December of 2014. People who have been interviewed by in the event expressed their anticipation and says that they could’nt wait for its formal launch///Michael Balaguer love beats one with logo